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Silk Veil 3+ yard Light Blue and Green


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This beautiful silk veil is hand dyed using a lime green and different levels of blue. I used the technique of tying, dipping, untying and repeating the process. The result is that the color changes mix beautifully and are distributed all over the veil. Some areas are a light blue others are a mid tone green as well as a lime green. It's a beautiful, one of a kind silk! It's longer than the usual 3 yard veil so if you have long arms or just like to have a little more veil to do a flourish with then this one's for you!

3+ yard rectangular silk veil. 5mm 100% Habotai silk. Selve edge along the horizontal and traditional torn edge along the vertical for the ultimate in lift, flutter and float. The torn edges will not fray. Beautiful, flowing and light as a cloud.
130.0" x 45.0"

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