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Burnout Velvet Scarf with Fringe


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Cut Velvet, hand dyed scarf. 82% rayon, 18% silk. 10x51" + 4" fringe.

A wonderful scarf for the season. Soft as can be!
Beautiful, plush silk blend scarf, Dyed in a one of a kind dye bath. The sheer silk background is dyed forest green. The plush velvet stripes and the fringe are dyed with rusty apricot..

Wrap it in so many ways. Perfect for around the neck. Its great as a hair wrap with the fringe hanging down on one side. it also works as a cute belt for a little waist :) The silk fringe adds a bit of the Edwardian feel to this light scarf...Luxurious!

Hand wash, don't agitate. Hold the fringe in the palm of your hand when washing and rinsing. Iron on the wrong side . If the fringe gets tangled put a small amount of creme rinse in it and finger comb.

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