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Silk Scarves make memorable gifts!

Beautiful Hand Painted Silk Scarf Dragon Parade


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A long silk scarf with a lustrous sheen. An 16mm, Silk Jaquard. hand painted in an original design. A unique silk scarf. Saturated colors of blues, greens, silver and red with touches of yellow and set off by the white of the Jaquard silk.

I have been looking at  Chinese and Japanese art and Kimonos lately. This scarf is inspired by all of the lovely examples of dragons. SO colorful and beautiful. This silk is a thick Jaquard that is buttery and fat! The woven pattern in the silk is waves of shiny and mat swirls. Like a stormy windy day. It's hand painted with a stylized dragon figure in reds , oranges and yellow, with a feathery tail. Blues, greens  and the white of the silk swirl about the dragon, cooling her fire. The center of the scarf is reds and warm colors and the ends are the cool colors and the white.

It is a lovely, one of a kind silk scarf and can be worn in many ways.

Scarves make timeless gifts that last! Please hand wash in cool water. Rinse with a touch of fabric softener. Iron with a cool iron while just slightly damp.

This scarf measures 17.0 x72.0 inches. It has hand rolled hems.