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Silk Scarves make memorable gifts!

Beautiful Hand Painted Silk Scarf Earth and Sun


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A Lovely, long silk scarf with a lustrous sheen. An 8mm flat crepe,hand painted in an original design. A unique silk scarf. Saturated colors of blues, greens, silver and red with touches of yellow and white.

The beautiful power of the sun as represented by the glowing red shape in the center of the scarf and it's influence on our Earth. The watery blues and greens are beneath the linear elements of deeper greens. They represent the the elements and the green of plants. We are blessed to have this glorious planet!

Scarves make timeless gifts that last! Please hand wash in cool water. Rinse with a touch of fabric softener. Iron with a cool iron while just slightly damp.

This scarf measures 14.0 x 71.0 inches. Machine hemmed for a crisp finish.